High density lipoprotein Metabolome research to improve pregnancy outcome, Hi-MOM project,
			Hi-MOM projekat
Tamara Antonić,<br>Spec. Pharm. Med. Biochem.

Tamara Antonić,
Spec. Pharm. Med. Biochem.


Tamara Antonić is Teaching Assistant and Research Trainee at the Department of Medical Biochemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy - University of Belgrade. She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy University of Belgrade in 2017, with an average grade of 9.85. In the same year, she enrolled in doctoral academic studies. She completed Specialist academic studies in 2021. She participated in the realisation of 1 national scientific research project and several international projects. Tamara Antonić's bibliography includes over 6 scientific papers in international and national journals (h-index: 1). Her research interests include the study of specific metabolic changes, changes in lipid and inflammatory markers, and oxidative status in various pathophysiological conditions, as well as in women with physiological and high-risk pregnancies. She is a member of the Serbian Biochemical Society, the Society of Medical Biochemists of Serbia, as well as the EFLM Academy.