High density lipoprotein Metabolome research to improve pregnancy outcome, Hi-MOM project,
			Hi-MOM projekat


Agilent Technologies 1290 LC / 6420 Triple Quadrupole LC / MS is an HPLC device coupled to a mass detector. It is used to lipidome characterization and for epigenetic changes examination in this project.

Vertical electrophoresis system (Hoefer) is used for lipid subfractions determination.

Mindray BS200E biochemical analyzer is used for inflammatory status determination and for HDL particles functionality testing.

Biochemical analyzer Ilab 300 Plus is used for redox status parameters determination.

Real-time PCR 7500 is used for reverse transcription of isolated RNA and determination of gene expression levels from peripheral blood mononuclear cells.

The Amersham Pharmacia Biotech submarine electrophoresis system is used to test the integrity of isolated nucleic acids.

SPECTROstar Nano MicroPlate Reader is used for immunochemical assays reading for HDL proteome analysis.